Skincare and the Changing of Seasons

The weather is heating up as we enter the midst of summer. Some of you have mentioned that the skincare products you’ve used through winter and spring don’t feel quite right. This gave me the idea to discuss a favorite topic of mine — using products seasonally. Skincare aligns with the seasons—a formula used in summer changes in the face of winter chill.

We like to linger in our comfort zone and stick with what we know, but consider what it could be like to keep in synch with the cyclical nature of our environment. There are products used year-round, and ones that change with the seasons, much like the foods we eat—we use what’s available to us seasonally; our diet varies to adapt to what the season offers. Macrobiotic cooking selects different ratios of root vegetables, leafy greens and seaweeds according to the seasons. Similar concepts apply in food practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Food is used as medicine, to nourish, prevent disease and maintain good health. My skincare creations are food for the skin. There are mainstay products—used year-round, and ones which alternate well with the seasons.

The traditional perception has been that we choose skincare products based on our skin type: normal, oily, dry etc. Those who function within this mindset tend to pick a product (or combination of products) and use it over long periods of time. I’d like to offer a different option. I’ve been formulating new recipes over the past several years, trying out new ingredients and combinations—botanical extracts, floral hydrosols and essential oils— fresh and exotic scents. Changing seasons and skin needs are often the inspiration for new creations and I’m fortunate to be able to try them all. I’ve witnessed amazing results on my own skin, and that of a few clients and close friends, and I’m convinced of the value in rotating skincare products based on seasons, as well as sleep patterns, traveling, stress and everything in between.

Summer Skin Care:

Time for hydrating, sun protection, preventing and correcting existing sun damage. The products need to be highly moisturizing yet light, without leaving a residue.

The mainstay of our skincare regimen:

Cleanser:  If you use foaming cleansers, any one from our collection will do. Since two out of the three are also exfoliating, the decision is based on the degree of exfoliation you desire or your scent preferences. I’m not a great proponent of foaming cleansers for women over 40. I suggest you replace your foaming cleanser or alternate with our Pineapples & Cream Cleansing Milk, or with a good Moisturizing Cleanser. Our Tangerine Frosting is a great choice.

I’d like to unveil our new cleanser, perfect for this time of year:  Aloe & Pink Grapefruit Gel Cleanser—made from scratch with the purest of ingredients. To a base of Aloe Vera Gel, I’ve added several anti-bacterial and cleansing herbs infused in Jojoba Oil. My blend of Citrus Essential Oils lends its fresh and summer scent to this light cleanser. This product easily removes make-up and leaves you feeling fresh-faced and clean.

Facial Scrubs and Clay Masques: Those too are a matter of preference and type of use, and I’d recommend alternating within this selection so your skin experiences the variety of ingredients available. During this time of year it’s important to exfoliate at least once a week, even twice or three times. Our Masques are gentle—can be used daily with no adverse effects, so several times a week is not a burden on the skin.

Toner:  Spring Flowers Calming Toner & Tangerine Refreshing Toner are the best for summer. They’re hydrating, light and refreshing. If you’re in love with your Roses in Bloom Hydrating Toner, you can use it too. Though it’s a tad heavier than the light Tangerine Toner, it will hydrate your skin well.

Serum:  I’ve developed several serums that better cater to summer. See Me C Repair Serum is a great day serum, while the Skin Sonata Argan Oil Infusion is a good night time face oil.  Skin Sonata is also a good serum to use in the daytime when you expect to be in direct sunlight for several hours. I’d apply it as a protective layer underneath a moisturizing cream, and before putting on other sun screening products.

Moisturizing Cream:

Day Cream: Divine Honey Rose Replenishing Cream is light- textured yet still rich, and does not leave a residual film. It’s my favorite cream for a summer day.

Night Cream: Moisturize Me Citrus Restorative Cream or Tangerine Frosting are the ones to use.

You can keep the cream you’re using, but remember to apply it several times throughout the day to prevent excessive drying.

Eye Creams: We have three to choose from, and either one works wonders for the delicate eye area. They go on well under make-up, but are on the rich side. During the summer, unless your skin is particularly dry, you may prefer to use them at night only. During the day use our Eye Love You Eye Seruma light and nourishing alternative.

It’s not critical you change your entire skincare regime, just a slight shift in certain areas of product use. Rotating skincare options on a seasonal basis can help keep you balanced, will make your skin regimen more enjoyable and interesting, and the results worthy of your effort.

Seasonal Skincare is fun, like playing in a sandbox. Enjoy!


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