Rosemira – Organic Natural Skincare Review by Rowena Kelley

Moroccan_Red_Rose_Foaming_Travel_Kit_Miron_720x800__22407.1373800551.800.1000I am very excited to be doing my first review of skincare products! Rosemira very kindly sent me an amazing box of beautiful, organic products which I am only too happy to rave about and recommend!

As this is my first review of external products, I feel  that I should state a little disclaimer on my stance on this. I am very happy to review any products whereby the ethos of the company fits in to the theme of my blog. I will only feature products which I would be happy to purchase, use and recommend to friends. I aim to mostly use natural and organic skincare and beauty products on myself, which are cruelty free and ethically sourced and produced. I am aware that companies producing these sort of products are in a niche market. Because I greatly admire the ethos under which they operate and the message which they are sending to the world, I am happy to give genuine and talented producers of these products praise and promotion on my blog.

Rosemira is definitely an example of such a company. Rosemira state that they have a relationship to nature and care about sustainability and the environment. They don’t use artifical commercial preservatives, additives, parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances or dyes. They are a member of the Leaping Bunny Coaltion for Consumer Information on Cosmetics and PETA, and they are a Green America Approved Business in Green America’s Directory of Products & Services for People and the Planet. Like me, the founder of Rosemira loves essential oils, and they are incorporated in the products for both their healing and aromatic properties. The company uses only organic and wild crafted essential oils andpure botanical extracts.

Most of the products have a limited shelf life compared to other commercial products -this is a good thing! The butters last six to eight months from date of purchase and the toners and serums last about a year while the natural cleansers and moisturising creams are made to order and last three to four months. Rather than being an inconvience, this is a major plus for me! Skincare products with these shelf lives are fresh, natural and biologicallyactive, offering the very best outcome for your skin and your health.

A message on their website ( reads as follows “At Rosemira we believe beauty should not come at the expense of health. Many of the larger skin care companies that dominate the anti-aging skin care industry use ingredients which are toxic both to our environment and to ourselves. These companies don’t provide their customers with effective results. Since organic and natural ingredient skin care is gaining popularity, these companies are going to market with new products touted as organic and natural. Unfortunately natural and organic are words which are easy to place on labels with little need to prove their validity. We’re being misled into trusting these products. Not all companies are following suit. There are companies with a social ethic–companies like Rosemira that actually use organic and natural ingredients 99% of the time. We buy our ingredients from distributors we trust. We use the best ingredients available on the market today”

I love how Rosemira promotes a healthy lifestyle on their website, tying in the use of natural, organic skin products with an emphasis on a holistic approach to health, nourishment and self care. They highlight how using natural products on your skin is just as important as eating right and exercising. Rose Mira also takes the refreshing approach of aging gracefully and beautifully, rather than avoiding the aging process at all costs. The company is of the opinion, which I share, that rather than sticking rigidly to a skincare routine, we should use different products according to the seasons, the weather, traveling, etc. Your skin is an active, working organ rather than just something keeping all your insides together! Their product range has so much variety that tailoring your use of products is made easy, and by matching your products with what is going on with your body at the time, you will massively increase the benefit and functionality.

I tried out the following products which were sent to me:

Pineapples & Cream Cleansing Milk

Cleansing_Milk_Pineapples_and_Cream_4oz_Gold_cap_fixed__33447.1406190607.800.1000I used this cleansing milk on days when I wasn’t wearing any make up. It is lovely and light and my skin felt really soft afterwards. It has a very fresh clementine smell which is really nice but I do usually prefer my face products to be lighter scented. If this is not your preference then you will love the scent wafting up your nose as you massage this cream in. It contains bromelain, an enzyme derived from the pineapple extract, which gently exfoliates the skin.


Sweet Coconut Body Butter

body-butter-alluring-jasmine-open-jar.720I wish we had the technology to share smells via the internet because I would love to share the amaaaazing coconut and mango smell with all of you -can’t stop smelling myself! Wonderful scent aside, this moisturiser gets straight to work on the skin leaving it smooth, soft and protected.

Moisturise Me Citrus Restorative Cream

Moituriize_Me_Citrus_Restorative_Cream__18216.1373614224.800.1000This is a really rich cream which can be used day or night for all skin types. You only need a tiny amount of this product as it is very nourishing. It effectively tones skin and tightens pores, slows down wrinkle formation and helps reduce the appearance of existing ones. It is said to work particularly well for Combination and Oily skin and those prone to acne, however my normal/dry skin loved it too!



See Me C Repair Serum

cmeSerumI loved this serum. It is deeply healing, moisturising, soothing and balancing. It contains pomegranate seed oil and marula oil, which is apparently the newly hyped oil coming to take argan oil’s crown! It also contains the anti aging essential oils of frankincense and rose which have powerful skin rejuvenating and hydrating properties. This rich and effective serum feels fast absorbing and highly nourishing. It dramatically improved some hormonal spots along my jaw line. I couldn’t believe it when I woke up in the morning and saw that they 50% healed overnight. On doing some more research I discovered that marula oil is highly praised for its acne and spot fighting benefits. Another massive bonus for this beautiful serum!

Beauty Revitalising Serum

Beauty_Revitalizing_Serum_Web__09946.1395133030.800.1000This serum combines sea buckthorn berry, evening primrose, borage seed oils, carrot androse essential oils. It feels so nourishing and healing on the skin, a real treat!

Spring Flowers Calming Toner

Spring_Flowers_Toner__77921.1347273037.800.1000I loved this fresh, light toner. It mixes floral hydrosols of orange blossom and lemon verbena with essential oils of linden blossom and rose damascene. The scent is lovely and a few sprays on the face leaves skin feeling less tight and very soothed.

Although I love having fun by experimenting with making my own natural skin and beauty products, it’s always a treat for a reformed beauty product junkie like me to try out new face and body products. All of these products felt amazing on my skin. If you feel like treating yourself and your skin, I’d definitely recommend checking them out. In particular I recommend the face serums, as you only need a few drops per use which makes them very long lasting and which also offsets the initial cost. Rosmira Skincare is a gorgeous line of luxury skin products. All of the products which I tried were of really high quality and incredibly effective. Highly recommended!

Original post from Natural Fuel Blog reposted with permission:

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