Autumn Skin Care

Autumn has arrived and I’ve been enjoying the foliage, the scents, and especially lately the softer light. They’ve inspired my latest creations.

At Rosemira we are happy and proud to share our new website! Complete with luminous photos of our products among flowers from my generous and bountiful garden, the updated website is easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. Come take a look. I’ve finally launched our ingredients page, a vision I’ve had for some time; just a few ingredients listed so far, but with many more to follow. In the meantime, if you have any ingredients you’d like to discuss, send me an e-mail and I will respond.

Now for some skincare advice! As the weather changes and we prepare for the hectic holiday season, it’s important to take time to recommit to our skincare regimen. To help get you started, I’ve decided to share my favorite skin regimen for this time of year. It works on any type of skin and gives me the chance to choose the best products from all my lines and use them to complement each other.

I’m excited to recommend my new Aloe & Pink Grapefruit Gel Cleanser. I still adore the Pineapples & Cream Cleansing Milk, which is gentle enough to be used on any skin type and smells delicious.  But I am definitely in love with the newest addition to Rosemira—a cleanser made from pure ingredients—undiluted organic Aloe Vera Gel combined with herbal infusions of Olive leaf, Neem leaf, Plantain and Lemon balm leaves, and Calendula, Lavender and Immortelle flowers, infused in organic jojoba oil made and pressed in my kitchen. It removes makeup effortlessly, has a light fresh scent, and leaves your skin silky soft. I enjoy starting my day with it. Like the Pineapples & Cream Cleansing Milk, it is gentle enough for all skin types.

Clay Masque

Once a week, after cleansing, try using a clay masque. For this time of year, I prefer the Green Clay & Rose de Mai Masque. My clay masques come in two parts: powder and liquid. The liquid portion of the Green Clay masque contains a mix of Aloe Vera Gel, Rose hydrosol and French Rose de Mai Essential oil—soothing, healing and uplifting ingredients.


I like rotating toners. Through the summer, I went from Spring Flowers Calming Toner to Tangerine Refreshing Toner, but now the weather has cooled and it’s time to switch to Roses in Bloom Hydrating Toner. Toners are beneficial and smell great. They also drive the ingredients in serums and moisturizing creams from the superficial layer deeper into the skin cells.


To get the best moisturizing results,  I use serums in addition to moisturizing creams. Try using the See Me C Repair Serum during the day, and Beauty Revitalizing Serum at night. As part of our Moroccan Red Rose line, it’s grounding and complex like the Roses in Bloom Hydrating Toner. They are good companions.

Moisturizing Cream

You should use both a day and a night moisturizing cream. For daytime, I recommend Divine Honey Rose Replenishing Day Cream — light yet rich and easily absorbed. Bella Rose Anti-Wrinkle Cream or Moisturize Me Citrus Restorative Cream will also serve you well as a night cream. These rich creams take a little longer to absorb and work their magic while you sleep.

The purpose of my recommendations is to help you personalize your skincare routine. You can change and rotate products for a complete diet of nutrients and an experience that is always new. If you resonate with certain essential oils, those will be most beneficial to you.

New to Rosemira? Try our Sample Kits or our larger Travel Kits, which allow you more time to witness results before you commit to longer-lasting retail products. Our line is extensive and offers options for nearly everyone.

Enjoy this beautiful fall!

With love,


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