What We Do Matters

Earth Day has come and gone while the drought in California and global climate change dominate the news. Our lifestyle choices are more important than ever – raising crops from organic seeds, using clean fertilizers and conserving water.  My responsibility lies with making organic skincare products.

The skincare industry is still hiding behind labels showing flowers in bloom and slogans of ‘pure’ and ‘clean’ while they bury harmful ingredients under a pile of flimsy legalese. I am sensing that we, as consumers, are becoming more aware and educated regarding false advertising. I hope that trend continues and forces the corporate skincare industry to mend its ways.

I’ve been formulating skincare products for thirty years, but I wasn’t always fully aware of the plight of the Earth. Cooking and eating healthy made common sense, and organic skincare treatments were another way to nourish myself.

My manufacturing process hasn’t changed much over the years, but I’m better informed about the source of my ingredients and the people and companies I choose to work with and support.

What is good for our Earth is good for us. We are one organism. Let’s tend to our environment and improve our skincare quality and choices. It’s a win-win for our Earth and for our own radiance and personal beauty.

Love to you all,

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