How to choose the best products for your skin?


I’d like to share a quandary I’ve been plagued with for a long time, and only recently feel I have the answer for.

When I started formulating my products, I was advised to make only a few to begin with. That was difficult to do. Too many formulas poured out of me, whether in response to people’s expressed skincare needs or in reaction to new and old ingredients that inspired new formulations. My line grew quickly. I’ve repeatedly been advised by marketing and merchendizing experts to pare down my line of products. I understand the logic—it’s easier for a small company like Rosemira to maintain a limited ingredient inventory. Manufacturing, packaging, marketing, website design and maintenance are all easier when done with fewer products. I’ve tried to narrow my line several times, and each time, be it in creams or serums, I experienced internal resistance, not so much because I was attached to the products (though I do have a relationship with each of the recipes I’ve nurtured), but because I felt I couldn’t recommend the Bella Rose Anti-Wrinkle Cream for two clients, knowing one would benefit more from the Rich Moisturizing Cleanser & Night Cream, which, had I discontinued, would be a recommendation I couldn’t offer. Would both creams offer good results? Yes, and for some companies that’s good enough, but not for me. Offering several choices is key to better skincare.

Rosemira Organics Treatment Serums

As a holistic doctor, primarily within the realm of Traditional Chinese Medical diagnosis, I don’t treat the condition, I treat the person who comes with a set of symptoms that may be diagnosed one way, but when diagnosed in someone else, can require a different set of herbs or acupuncture treatment points. I may call both set of symptoms Arthritis, but one could be Damp-Heat Arthritis while another could be Arthritis due to Toxic Heat or Deficient Heat.

Let me offer an example:

55 year old Lisa has dry, maturing skin, mild Rosacea and age spots. My recommendation for her would be the Pineapples & Cream Cleansing Milk, Spring Flowers Calming Toner, Melodic Skin – Rosacea Recovery Serum to be alternated with Gorgeous Gold Stem Cell Serum for the age spots and maturing skin. Divine Honey Rose Replenishing Cream for the day and Bella Rose Anti-Wrinkle Cream at night. The Green Clay & Rose de Mai Gentle Masque used once a week will optimize the results.  We also have peels, exfoliating scrubs and other berry or fruit masks, most of which are not on my website but are provided to my consultation clients. I’d continue Lisa’s basic regimen for a few months and, as her skin improves and the seasons change, I’d alternate some of the products to fit the changing conditions until we reach a happy plateau.

Rosemira Organics Collections

Joan, who’s 55 and has dry and “experienced” skin, has spent much time in the sun and has sustained sun damage with relatively deep wrinkles. She’ll benefit from any combination of Cleansers and Toners, the Rich Moisturizing Cleanser & Night Cream would be best and could double as her night Cream, while the Bella Rose Anti-Wrinkle Cream would be used in daytime. The Toner- Roses in Bloom Hydrating toner. The serum of choice Skin Sonata Argan Oil infusion for the dry skin and sun damage, alternating with Skin Lullaby Anti-Wrinkle Serum at night. I’d probably suggest a peel or Fruit Masque rather than a Clay Masque or a Scrub. As her skin improves adjustments will be made.

Most people don’t ask for my recommendations. They may look at the Serum page, which right now has 11 Serums, and I can see why they sometimes find it difficult to choose.

For that purpose, I’ve been offering my Skin Consultations. Those who’ve taken advantage of the offer have seen miraculous changes in their skin. Send me an e-mail about the skin challenges you face, previous products used, pictures if available, and the desired form of consultation, be it by phone or email. I’ll analyze the data, come up with a plan, and we then narrow down the best options. I then provide samples of the products I recommend, which you’ll try and then place your retail size order of products you now feel certain are the best choice for you. I offer the consultations for $75.00. The samples alone are worth the $75.00, let alone the 2 hours I spend in contemplation, analysis, conversations or emails. I’m keeping the cost at $75.00 for the rest of the year. I highly recommend to anyone with product/skincare routine questions to take advantage of this offer. Your skin will rejoice.

For those of you who aren’t regular customers yet, or if you aren’t sure you’re ready for a skin consultation, I’m currently working on a form, either a questionnaire or a chart that will narrow the products by skin type as well as by skin challenge. I hope it’ll simplify the process of choosing the best products for you. If you have products you’re already using but feel you need an adjustment, write me an e-mail and I’ll respond at no extra charge. I want my products to be agents of positive change for your skin, offering you the optimal results and the healthiest, most radiant skin you can have. This is my commitment to you.

In conclusion of my initial quandary, I’ve chosen to have a variety of options/products available rather than fewer selections. The latter would be easier, but I prefer to control my own destiny when it comes to formulating and treating your skin. It’s hard work but my clients benefit, and isn’t that what good skincare is all about?

I’m a trained chiropractor, acupuncturist, herbalist and nutritionist, and use my extensive knowledge in formulating the perfect combination of products for individual and effective skincare. My knowledge base is available to you; please take advantage of it. I want my skincare to be used as medicine, as an exchange of energy and knowledge, as the sharing of love and values.

Browse our website. And please email us with any questions you have about the best products for you.

Take care,

Dr. Mira


Consultations with Dr. Mira -Customize your  routine
   Samples – a great way to try our products


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