4 Best Clays to Help Detox and Rejuvenate Your Skin

The Rejuvenating properties of Clay
A collection of Clay powders for skin rejuvenation

Clay is a finely-grained natural rock or soil material that combines one or more clay minerals with possible traces of quartz, metal oxides and organic matter. Throughout history people have developed the art of forming clay to make ceramic objects and pottery.


The first recorded use of medicinal clay is written on Mesopotamian clay tablets around 2500 B.C. Also, ancient Egyptians used clay. The Pharaohs’ physicians used clay for its anti-inflammatory agents and antiseptics. It was used as a preservative for making mummies and is also reported that Cleopatra used clays to preserve her complexion.

Four popular clays for skin products are Bentonite, Australian Reef Red, Kaolin White, and Rhassoul.


 Bentonite clay is one of the most popular and powerful clay skincare ingredients. The U.S. is one of the top producers of bentonite clay worldwide. Bentonite clay is derived from naturally occurring volcanic ash. It’s highly absorbent and has a high percentage of montmorillonite, a soft group of earth minerals. Bentonite clay draws impurities and oil to your skin’s surface and absorbs oil while tightening and toning your skin. When mixed with water, the clay swells and allows for maximum absorption of sebum and surface debris. This impurity magnet is ideal for oily and congested skins prone to acne, as well as people with mild eczema and rosacea. Bentonite clay is also a great addition to foot and body treatments.

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Passionate Fig Exfoliating Facial Scrub

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Passionate Fig Scrub for Oily Skin


 Rhassoul Clay is derived from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and has been popular for millennia. This clay is rich in ancient minerals and has a high concentration of silica and magnesium. Rhassoul Clay, also known as Moroccan Red Clay, is effective at decongesting pores, absorbing excess oil, and drawing out toxins. It also improves elasticity and stimulates circulation. This clay mixes well with water and is an effective facial and body cleanser.

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Two earthy elements contribute to the formation of red clay soils. First, the bedrock must contain enough iron to produce the reddish iron oxides that color the soil. Second, the climate must be relatively warm and wet. Its high iron content and essential minerals help revitalize the skin to support soft and healthy-looking skin. Once applied to the skin, red clay binds impurities and dirt into its paste until dried. Its drawing abilities make it a great toner and cleanser for acne-prone, oily, and problem skin. The rich color from the Australian Reef Red Clay is also used in organic hair coloring, giving a natural red color that is impermanent. It’s also used in soaps and bath salts.

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White Cosmetic clay, also known as White Kaolin clay, is a very fine and light clay that has natural absorbency properties. White Cosmetic clay is found in virtually all powdered and dry cosmetics and most wet cosmetics, including soaps, scrubs, poultices, deodorants, facial powders and masks. The mildest of all clays, white kaolin is less absorbent than other varieties and is highly moisturizing, making it perfect for those with sensitive, aging and especially dry skin.

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If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you may already be familiar with clay masks. Clay is popular for good reason–it helps draw out the impurities as well as absorb excess oils on the skin’s surface. I’ll also mention that clay masks are good and healthy for everyone regardless of your skin condition. Clay masks also allow for self-care and reflection—downtime to step back and soak in the essence of Earth.

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