Best natural eye creams of 2017

We’re all looking for the best product in any category. Eye creams are a particularly sore spot, since they treat the areas that show our age. Also, the skin around the eyes is thinner and sensitive, and often doesn’t tolerate poor ingredients as the rest of the face may. Products with less than stellar ingredients can cause reactions, be they redness, breakouts, swelling, irritation or tearing. The worst ingredients, when it comes to sensitivity around the eye area, are the same culprits in any product: synthetic fragrances, parabens, mineral oils and alcohols. These ingredients, though harmful, may be tolerated for a period of time on the cheeks and forehead, before leading to irritation, but on the skin around the eye area, negative reactions are immediately noticed.  Though Avocado Oil and Jojoba Oil are effective moisturizing oils, mineral oil clogs the pores. I often hear women hesitant to try yet another eye cream promising the moon and delivering…. Heartache. Eye creams also tend to cost more, adding insult to injury when the product falls short.

There are thousands of eye creams clamoring for our attention, but few fulfill the promise, and very few are among the best natural eye creams. As with any other product, ingredients are the key to efficacy or negative reactions.  When it comes to eye creams, the targeted issuers are wrinkles called crow’s feet, puffiness or bags under the eyes, and dark circles.

We chose 5 creams we believe are the best natural eye creams.

1. Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing Eye & Lip Cream

Eye and Lip Care Redensifying to the Evening Primrose

Weleda is a company that’s been around for a long time. Its formulas are time tested, and their ingredients, sound. This eye cream targets mature skin and works to eliminate wrinkles and crow’s feet with the help of plant-based ingredients.  One of the main ingredients responsible for the efficacy of this cream is Evening Primrose Oil, due to its high concentration of linoleic acid- an omega 6 fatty acid essential for skin regeneration. The herb Gotu-Kola is known to increase collagen production to firm the skin, and Inca Nut Oil is rich in antioxidants that protect skin and promote renewal.  While there were no client reviews for this cream the combination of ingredients looks promising.

   2. Rosemira’s Bella Rose I-Renew Eye Cream

EYE CREAM_Bella Rose_WHITE JAR_OPEN._cropped further

The second in our list of best natural eye creams is Rosemira’s  Bella Rose I-Renew Eye Cream for just $40. Though a newer and smaller company, these formulas are stellar for the choice of ingredients and absence of any toxic or damaging ingredients. Jojoba Oil is highly revered for its moisturizing properties and long shelf life (hence the lack of need to add synthetic preservatives). Aloe Vera Gel is another effective ingredient for eye tissues. In addition, what is missing in other natural eye creams is a proprietary blend of high quality Rose essential oils, known as moisturizers, renewing cellular membranes and regenerative to skin cells. Patchouli, another essential oil in this formula, regenerates, tightens, tones and calms sensitive skin. Another ingredient missing from other eye cream formulations is Salt Water Pearl Powder- an ingredient used throughout Asia to keep skin youthful and brighten dark circles. Rosemira’s Bella Rose I-Renew Eye Cream is a comprehensive formula that delivers on its promise as is evident in clients raving reviews.

3. Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Age Defying Eye Cream

The third of our best natural eye creams, also free of parabens and synthetic fragrances, is the one by Sibu Beauty. The main ingredient in this cream is the one the company bases all its products on – Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, as well as Pumpkin Seed Oil, which protects and firm the skins’ fine lines.  This isn’t an all-natural eye cream formulation since it contains a relatively high concentration of several alcohols, which, besides being drying, can be challenging to delicate eye tissues. We advise performing a skin test prior to use on a less sensitive area.

4. Murad Renewing Eye Cream










The fourth among the best natural eye creams and advertised as a natural eye cream, Murad Renewing Eye Cream is said to firm, hydrate and brighten the delicate eye area, and to reduce fine lines. While this cream contains many inactive ingredients, alcohols, Urea & EDTA, synthetic additives and fillers, its main active ingredient is Wild Yam Extract—a naturally rich source of phytoestrogens, which support the skin’s youthful appearance. Other beneficial natural ingredients are Evening Primrose Oil, Borage Seed Oil and Mango Butter – all to help hydrate and soften the area. Client reviews indicate satisfaction with the results of reduced puffiness and dark circles.

5. Whish Repairing Eye Serum

While Whish does not make an Eye cream, their Eye Serum can serve as the 5th in our line of the best natural eye creams, since it targets the eye area.  The Serum’s main oils are Rosehip Seed and Argan, intended to brighten dark circles and reduce fine lines. Aloe Vera Gel is soothing and reduces inflammation, and SOD improves elasticity. There are other natural herbs in this formula, and the combination of ingredients results in rejuvenated skin, brighter and less puffy. This Serum contains synthetic preservatives and fillers, but no Parabens or Petrochemicals. We were unable to find any customer reviews for this product.


Ingredients are not final products Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip Seed Collage

The latest trend in luxury skincare hails newly discovered oils or time-tested ones. It’s sometimes over-hype but also holds true for oils of Rosehip Seed, Argan, Coconut, Marula, Prickly Pear, Sacha Inchi, and other fine oils.  The more exotic the oil, the higher the allure.  There’s magic in the story of an oil hailing from deep in the rainforest, used for thousands of years and benefiting health & beauty. And there are are also oils closer to home that are just as rich and nutritious.

I’m not saying we should not embrace those remarkable oils from all over the world, we definitely should, and for good reason—all of these oils are indeed rich in nutrients highly beneficial for healthy skin and hair. What’s also true is that these oils are also often times ingredients used as part of a formula, where the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts.

Aromatherapy defines these oils as carrier oils—a good base for mixing in other ingredients. Marula or Argan oils are excellent oils, and applying them alone is beneficial, but not as much as when they’re part of a formula—like when Marula oil, an anti-oxidant is combined with Pomegranate Seed Oil – another highly anti-oxidant oil, and then infused with herbal botanical extracts or essential oils. You now have a highly nourishing formula – See Me C Repair Serum, where Marula Oil is only one of the players.

Ribbet collagesee me c collage

A legitimate herbal formula needs to have at least three ingredients. Peppermint is a good herb on its own, but when combined with Ginger or another herb, depending on the desired synergistic results, the combination of herbs is what makes the formula effective, while combining Peppermint with another set of herbs will have a different effect.

Another oil lately touted as the new miracle oil is Rosehip Seed Oil. Rosemira has been using this oil for ten years. Rather than purchase Rosehip Seed Oil in bulk, then pouring it into 1 oz. bottles and advertising the oil as the next best moisturizer, we take our time, research the interactions between Rosehip Seed Oil and other beneficial oils, and then choose the right oils and the rest of the ingredients to partner it with. What oils you use, and in what manner, is the key to effective formulas.

rosehip seed oil and products

Our popular Divine Honey Rose Replenishing Cream reaps the full benefits Rosehip Seed Oil and Pulp can deliver when combined with oils of Borage Seed, Olive, Jojoba, Neroli and Rose Hydrosol. These ingredients mix to enhance Rosehip Seed Oil within a final product.

Skin Lullaby Anti-Wrinkle Serum has high concentrations of Rose Hip Seed Oil and Pulp, but here we chose to partner it with a potent Carrot Seed CO2 Essential Oil, Jojoba Oil, Green Tea Extract, Immortelle  Flowers, Blue Malva Flowers and other herbal infusions, then adding the Anti-Aging essential oils of Myrrh and Frankincense to formulate a superb night serum which treats wrinkles and scars.

Gorgeous Gold Stem Cell Serum has a high concentration of Rose Hip Seed Oil and Pulp as well, however here it is joined with Pomegranate Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil and Grapeseed Oil,  then we’ve added Stem Cell Botanical Extract of Alpine Flower and many anti-aging essentials oils like: Calendula Select C02, Roman Chamomile, Rosewood, Frankincense and more.

We hear about the next best oil and wonder: will Tamanu Oil be the next panacea for youthful skin, or could it perhaps be Dragon’s blood?

As a formulator, my mission is to research, share, inform and educate, and then formulate and manufacture products using the best ingredients that will deliver the results you expect. I want to relieve you of the burden of wondering whether you’re up on all the best ingredients for youthful, healthy skin.  This is my job, so you can relax and know that your skin needs are covered.

I’m always available to answer your questions and concerns. If there’s an ingredient you’re concerned or curious about, if there’s something you think you may need in your skin care products, write me an e-mail and I’ll respond.

To your health, with love,


Nurture Mother Earth


A Lavender Field

With earth day come and gone, the drought we’d experienced in California finally alleviated, global climate is nonetheless pertinent as ever, as recent satellite photos reveal the quickly melting ice-caps.    Our lifestyle choices are paramount—growing food from the proper seeds, using non-toxic fertilizers, and protecting the crops from undue water loss. My duty to the planet and its inhabitants is to make environmentally sound skincare products using  organic ingredients. Sadly, the industrial skincare companies are still hiding behind their labels. Consumers want organic? Let’s give them labels with botanical drawings, slogans of ‘pure’ and ‘natural’, and conceal harmful ingredients under a pile of flimsy legalese. But I’m sensing a change—the public is becoming more aware and educated regarding false advertisement. I suspect that trend will continue and eventually force the skincare industry to mend its ways. I don’t mean to be the Queen of Gloom, only to acknowledge our option of moving in the right direction until we reach critical mass as more of us consider our planet and its welfare, which is tightly bound to our own survival.

old and new pictures ending 10.16.09 548

A Beach along the Sonoma Coast

While I’ve been formulating organic skincare products for thirty years, I hadn’t always had full awareness of the plight of the earth. Cooking and eating healthy just made common sense, and formulating skincare products fell under the same category of self-nourishment. My manufacturing process hasn’t changed much, but I do apply a more vigilant approach to the source of my ingredients and the people and companies I choose to support.

What is good for our Earth is good for us. We are one organism. Skincare manufacturing and consumer choices need to take a stand and do what’s right, as we do while resisting indiscriminate commercial logging, industrial fishing, and the slaughter of endangered species. Doing the right thing will benefit our environment and improve our skincare choices, and thus, our radiance and personal beauty.

Love to you all,


An Ode to My Mother and Motherhood

An Ode to My Mother and Motherhood

old and new pictures ending 10.16.09 574

As my 60th birthday looms, my mother passing at 72 seems like a young age. I have friends whose parents are in their 90’s- what a treat. I was in my mid-thirties when my mother passed, and it took me that long to truly appreciate her. She was the most supportive mother one can have, always excited about what I was doing at the time, whether being a cook or a waitress, studying Chiropractic or Acupuncture, which were both quite obscure and fringe at the time. She struggled with my herbal concoctions, which would sit in alcohol or oil, brewing for months as I stirred them daily. She called me a witch (in loving ways), and refused to try my concoctions until she heard I had one for boosting memory—her biggest fear was losing the faculties of her sharp mind. She was willing to drink the “witchy” brew but kept forgetting to take it. The Ginseng energy tonic I gave her, had her climbing ladders at odd hours to do some deep cleaning in the attic. She loved my face/body cream from the first time she tried it. I was forewarned that whenever I came to visit, I was required to bring several quart-size jars for her and her friends. Her family from South Africa was instructed to bring Snook- a smoked fish much beloved in South Africa, apparently unavailable anywhere else. A visitor from SA meant gifting them with my cream—the same cream I still make today (with a few upgrades in the base ingredients), and which often reminds me of my mother, knowing she’d be proud of how this cream became the base for an entire skincare line.

I initially called my line Mirabella (both of our names- My mother’s name was Isabella), unfortunately I didn’t trade-mark the name and, years later, was sued by Mirabella Beauty. They kept the name and we became Rosemira Organics.

So, here’s to motherhood. To our mothers, sisters, friends and to ourselves.


Related to loving and appreciating our mothers, there’s one mother we all should love and appreciate beyond all—Mother Earth—whose divine will and duty is to encourage us to respect the planet—the gift that keeps on giving. We can’t willy-nilly go about our lives while forests are wiped out, while the oceans choke with plastic, while the ice cores melt away, while rare species go extinct. We need a collaborative effort like never before to restore and manage our resources, if not for ourselves, then for generations to follow. We must love Mother Earth as much as we love our own mothers, our children, our families and friends. Let us all meditate on doing so, while we still can.!

First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day is now honored in 192 countries. This year’s theme is Environmental and Climate Literacy. Earth Day  is a great source of information about environmental issues and the impact each one of us has on our planet. Check out  CarbonFund and measure your individual carbon footprint. Let’s all vow to promote positive climate change.

                         I took these photographs at Shollenberger Park, in Petaluma. It is a 165 acre wetlands and wildlife sanctuary, and where my son spent many a Saturday while growing up. Aidan’s favorite pastime was finding lizards and snakes, which were plentiful, so we named it Gecko park.  It’s my hope that when my son has a child of his own, they too can spend time in parks and wildlife sanctuaries like this one.
With love,


The Ultimate Skin Care For Cold Weather!

By Dana


Making the cold more beautiful makes the cold more sunshining. I’m so excited that Mira from Rosemira (oh I love this line!) is making the most of winter skin.

1. I’ve had a hard time keeping a “serious” regime for skin… what’s actually necessary?

There is a long answer and a short answer to this question: first is the long version:

This is a great question which all of us grapple with at one time or another. As with any routine or regimen, it has to fit our personality. Some people like to exercise 90 minutes every day, others prefer a longer workout 3 times a week. Some have an affinity to running, while others prefer Tai Qi or Yoga. And while the optimal is to participate is some form of exercise on a daily basis, the type of exercise is not as important as one’s affinity with it and expecting ourselves to participate in a form of exercise we do not resonate with will most likely result in a failure to remain consistent and get the results we want. Sometimes it is just a matter of starting gently with something you have an affinity with. As you build momentum and the results become noticeable, it becomes easier to maintain and the once forced regimen becomes a simple habit. The same goes to diet and to skin “diet”.

First and foremost regardless on how simple or complex you’d like to be in your routine, I would start by by removing from your regimen anything that is harmful for your skin. Products with synthetic ingredients, toxic preservatives, additives, fillers and dies, alcohol and added fragrances. (You would not want to eat foods laced with herbicides, fruit which is picked before it is ripened and shot with chemicals to speed up the process during transport). Similarly you want to provide your skin with a healthy diet, how healthy and how extreme you will be depends entirely on you. This also does not depend on age, it is important to eat healthy and exercise at any age. We do not start brushing our teeth when they start falling out. Similarly a consistent skin care regimen should be started early on and maintained as a habit throughout one’s life.

For a simple regimen while still expecting results, the basic products required at the least are: A gentle non-stripping Cleanser like a Cleansing Milk or Gel Cleanser, Toner (only Hydrosol based), Serum and Moisturizing Cream (day, night or either) and an Eye Cream.  If that is all you can do initially it will definitely keep your skin happy and healthy. For more stellar results I believe it is essential to exfoliate, detoxify and stimulate circulation every month. A Clay Masque once a week is an important addition to a basic regimen. And if you are using foundation remove it immediately upon getting home allowing your skin to breathe.

For those who are willing and inclined to spent a little bit more time and effort for more stellar and long term results, I would suggest 2 different Cleansers- an Exfoliating Cleanser, or a Gel Cleanser and a Moisturizing Cleanser, a Hydrosol Toner, two different Serums for day and night (which should be changed with the seasons and concerns that might arise), a Day Moisturizing Cream, Night Cream and an Eye Cream. A Clay Masque several times a week, alternating with a ‘gentle’ Exfoliating Facial Scrub and a peel (soon to be released) once a week. (I am also working on a DIY face lift which I would recommend to add to one’s routine from the age of 30 onwards, initially once or twice a month and as we grow older on a weekly basis).

Of course then we have to modify our regimen to fit our skin types or challenges, but I do believe most skin challenges are really skin out of balance and as our regimens become more balanced across our habits, eating, drinking water, exercising, meditating, having fun, the skin will be brought into balance as well.


The shorter version to this same answer:

First and foremost, regardless of how simple or complex you’d like to be in your routine, I’d start by removing from your regimen anything that is harmful for your skin. Products with synthetic ingredients, toxic preservatives, additives, fillers and dies, alcohol and added fragrances. You want to nourish your skin with a healthy diet, For a simple regimen while still expecting results, the basic products required are: A Cleanser, Toner (only Hydrosol based), Serum and Moisturizing Cream (day, night or either) and an Eye Cream. If that is all you can do initially, it will definitely keep your skin happy and healthy. For more stellar results it is essential to exfoliate, detoxify and stimulate circulation every month. A Clay Masque once a week is an important addition to a basic regimen. And if you are using foundation, remove it immediately upon getting home, allowing your skin to breathe.

For those inclined to spend a bit more time and effort for more stellar and long term results, I suggest 2 Cleansers- an Exfoliating Cleanser and a Moisturizing Cleanser, a Hydrosol Toner, two different Serums for day and night, a Day Moisturizing Cream, Night Cream and an Eye Cream. A Clay Masque several times a week, alternating with a ‘gentle’ Exfoliating Facial Scrub and a peel once a week. Most skin challenges are skin out of balance and, as our regimens become more balanced across our habits, eating, drinking water, exercising, meditating, the skin will be brought into balance as well.

2. How can you safeguard your skin in the cold?

Hydrate inside and out- i.e. drink lots of water and use a Hydrosol Toner several times a day. While it feels like a Toner would be used more frequently during the summer months to refresh, cool and hydrate, it is particularly important during cold and dry months. Follow the Toner with a Moisturizing element— a Serum and /or Moisturizing Cream. The most important Moisturizing product I’d recommend is a truly moisturizing cream. By ‘truly’ I mean a cream which isn’t filled with damaging-drying ingredients like alcohol, but rather with truly healthy ingredients to support your skin’s inherent moisture. Hydrate with a Toner and apply the Moisturizing Cream while your skin is still slightly moist

Remember we have skin over our entire body. In the winter it is particularly important to use a Body butter or a rich body lotion (not a water based, thin and fast absorbing lotion) on a daily basis, preferably after a shower while your skin is still slightly damp. The results of that healthy habit are truly amazing.

3. My hands are looking wintery right now… that’s the best I can explain it. How can I put the sparkle back in my weatherized skin?

This goes back to my previous answer. We have to put attention to our hands, feet and everything inbetween. I guarantee that if you use one of our body butters: Sweet Coconut Body Butter, Alluring Jasmine Body Butter, or our rich body lotion My Present- Crème de Corps Body Lotion on a regular basis you will be amazed at the results. Whether it is just the winter dryness, or if you suffer from a medical condition such as aff functioning thyroid (hypothyroid) your skin will feel smooth and soft and will look alive with this simple addition to your routine. And for those of us who are willing to put in a little bit more effort, using a salt, sugar or other exfoliating body scrub will rejuvenate your skin and stimulate lymph and blood circulation, to promote the inner youth and thus outer youthful appearance and feel of your skin. No more weatherized, leatherized skin…

4. Are there any super foods you suggest for skin?

The health of our gut is one of the most important aspects to a healthy body and skin. Probiotics in particular are arguably more crucial than any other nutritional supplement, because by supporting digestion our body is able to absorb the nutrients from the rest of our foods more efficiently and thoroughly.

Nuts and Seeds are essential to health. Almonds in particular are more alkaline forming than other nuts and are rich in Vitamin E, Amino Acids, and Calcium. Walnuts are wonderful too. Pumpkin Seeds are the most alkaline forming among seeds, and are a rich source of Protein, Iron , Magnesium, Potassium, Biotin and Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

Greens: Green leafy foods such as spinach, broccoli, kale, watercress and collards are rich in vitamins A, C, E, K and B as well as Iron. In green foods these nutrients are more readily available and easily absorbed. Spirulina- a dark green seaweed is great source of Biotin, Protein, Iron and Vitamin B12.

Orange root vegetables such as Sweet potatoes, carrots, Pumpkins and Winter squash are rich in Vitamins A & C- important specifically for the health of nails, skin and hair.

Oats: (non-GMO, Old fashioned rolled oats or steel cut oats) are a very inexpensive superfood. They provide Protein, Biotin and other B Vitamins, the minerals Magnesium and Potassium, fiber and antioxidants. A lot to get from one food.

Berries are also wonderful antioxidant foods and rich in vitamins. Among them- Acai berries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Kiwis and Noni Berries are rich sources of Vitamins A, C, and E.

Dark chocolate, not just any chocolate. Chocolate with high flavanol content and 60% cacao helps skin stay hydrated and protects it from sun damage.

There are many other foods which are important for our general health and the health of our skin in particular. Remember most importantly to eat healthy non processed foods and don’t stick to one food. When eating berries don’t stick to one only, eat a variety., Same goes to nuts, seeds, greens etc.

Here are Mira’s picks from her own life for winter: 

Rich Moisturizing Cleanser (unscented) or with essential oils as in Tangerine Frosting Rich Cleansing Cream

Hydrosol Toner: Any will do depending on your scent preference and skin type.  For winter I prefer the Roses In Bloom Hydrating Toner

Serum: I love Serum, so there are many to choose from. I would suggest Skin Sonata Argan Oil Infusion for day time use, and    Skin Lullaby Anti-Wrinkle Serum as your night time serum. If you do not like Floral scents instead of Skin Sonata use See Me C Repair Serum or Gorgeous Gold Stem Cell Serum

Moisturizing Cream: either Citrus or Rose depending on your preference and skin type, and an Eye Cream

And for your Body, hands & feet: Sweet Coconut Body Butter or rich Body Lotion: My Present- Crème de Corps Body Lotion.

For your lips: A nutrient rich healing Lip Balm like our Banana Balm Lip Balm, but any of our Lip Balms will work splendidly.

Take great care of your skin and your skin will reflect it magnificently!

xoxo Dana


Safe & Chic Interview with Mira

What was the main determination when creating your skincare line?

It started as another cooking project. I was 19 and just turned vegetarian. I stopped using white flour, sugar and dairy and had to teach myself how to cook again. Vegetarian healthy cooking was not that popular back then.  My only reference cook book was Laurel’s Kitchen. I was also a student at the California School of Herbal Studies founded by the renowned and inspirational herbalist -Rosemary Gladstar.  So while making what was called Better Butter, my own salt from ground herbs,  my own yogurt, sprouting seeds,  making a sourdough starter for baking bread, as well as herbal formulas- a brain support tincture for my mom and a clay based baby powder for baby’s bums, making a facial cream was a natural extension of that process. I learned how to make a basic cream using 5 ingredients, no preservatives additives or anything unnecessary.  I was not concerned with wrinkles at the time, ia anyone at 19? I did, however, have a Thyroid imbalance- Hypothyroid, which leads to unduly dry skin. I tried different lotions, but they were water based and didn’t nourish my skin on a deep level.  I used my original face cream as a body lotion and it worked great. I used that cream as my face and body cream for many years.  Then people asked that I share my cream with them, which was the birthing of the idea to share this and other products with friends, family and then patients and the general population, The rest, as someone said, is history, or her-story 🙂

For a new customer trying out your brand what would you suggest as their skin routine?  

That depends on a style. Some people like simple regimens, some people want a more complicated and thorough regimen. For those into simplicity and who still expect stellar results, I recommend: Cleanser, Toner, and Serum. Moisturizing cream (day, night or either) and an eye cream.  Once a month a clay masque. and that should do it, For those who want a deeper process: 2 different cleansers- an exfoliating or gel cleanser and a moisturizing cleanser, a toner,  two different serums for day and night, a day cream, night cream, eye cream. A clay masque a few times a week, a peel once a week, (and our new face lift product- not done yet- once a week) use a tinted sunscreen serum and a natural foundation (coming up soon)

What products will you soon be coming out with?

As a holistic practitioner (Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Herbalist) I’m always concerned with health on a deeper level. I enjoy working with people individually, creating customized formulas to address the root cause of their skin imbalances. My focus lately has been on healing formulas which, while more general than I’d have liked, still address troubling conditions like a Rosacea Cooling Cream, A Rosacea Serum- Stronger version of my existing one. A soothing Lavender & Chamomile Cream for sensitive skin, a simple yet powerful DIY Facelift, a Brightening cream for women with uneven skin and dark spots, and for fun I’m dabbling in tinted sunscreen facial oils, a foundation and a blush.

What has been the most challenging part of your journey creating this brand?

The unexpected parts of running an inventory based business. As a doctor, when I had a clinic, I had an inventory of supplements, tinctures, herbal formulas & some orthopedic supplies, but nothing that I had to make from scratch, which called for an inventory of production ingredients.  I use only the best and highest quality of ingredients available. Foraging (so to speak) for the right ingredients when your budget is limited, yet you’re not willing to compromise on quality, is challenging. Given a bigger budget, I bet it would be exhilarating. Then there’s packaging. While it’s fun to find the perfect container for a new product, the process of designing the label, making sure all ingredients are exact and the ‘how to use’ instructions clear enough, and then the packaging mishaps one would expect to creep up, is tedious.  Marketing is another quandary for me–how to reach people who would benefit from my products. Being noticed over the cacophony of competing narratives, some of which are true, some of which just effective marketing campaigns, is an ongoing conundrum. How to be heard and seen without resorting to slimy marketing tactics. How to stay positive in the face of green and pink washing. I find that for me personally packaging and marketing are tough, even though they have fun components, while formulating and manufacturing are completely joyful and inspiring to me.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

The formulation process, choice of ingredient combinations and the fact every formula is made from scratch. Let me elaborate. The formulation process is based on need. I hear of a need, I see a condition repeating itself, and if I don’t see the solutions among existing products in the market, I set myself off to make it.  I come up with the formula intuitively as well as scientifically. I don’t have a predetermined idea of what ingredients might be the ones to choose for a particular formula. Once I have the ingredients I believe will work well together, and find the right source for each one, I gather them and start putting the formula together. This is a long and organic process–finding the right combination of ingredients that will synergize into the effective product I want it to be. I run the formula by my friend and colleague, a medical intuitive, and we tweak it some more–adjust a source of an ingredient, an amount, the form of each ingredient (powder, liquid, extract etc), and then we start testing them, first on ourselves and then on our estheticians. (No animal testing…)  Unlike most companies, we don’t have a favorite combination of ingredients we use. We like variety and only choose the ingredients that fit the formula, nor do we have a base of ingredients which we use in each formula. That would help with the cost of ingredient inventory and make everything simpler, but we believe, is less effective. We create a whole new product and experience.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Read labels, trust your experience, look for change and don’t trust the hype. Use the least amount of foundation possible and remove it when you get home. Let your skin breathe.

Read the interview here.

What We Do Matters

Earth Day has come and gone while the drought in California and global climate change dominate the news. Our lifestyle choices are more important than ever – raising crops from organic seeds, using clean fertilizers and conserving water.  My responsibility lies with making organic skincare products.

The skincare industry is still hiding behind labels showing flowers in bloom and slogans of ‘pure’ and ‘clean’ while they bury harmful ingredients under a pile of flimsy legalese. I am sensing that we, as consumers, are becoming more aware and educated regarding false advertising. I hope that trend continues and forces the corporate skincare industry to mend its ways.

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