Safe & Chic Interview with Mira

What was the main determination when creating your skincare line?

It started as another cooking project. I was 19 and just turned vegetarian. I stopped using white flour, sugar and dairy and had to teach myself how to cook again. Vegetarian healthy cooking was not that popular back then.  My only reference cook book was Laurel’s Kitchen. I was also a student at the California School of Herbal Studies founded by the renowned and inspirational herbalist -Rosemary Gladstar.  So while making what was called Better Butter, my own salt from ground herbs,  my own yogurt, sprouting seeds,  making a sourdough starter for baking bread, as well as herbal formulas- a brain support tincture for my mom and a clay based baby powder for baby’s bums, making a facial cream was a natural extension of that process. I learned how to make a basic cream using 5 ingredients, no preservatives additives or anything unnecessary.  I was not concerned with wrinkles at the time, ia anyone at 19? I did, however, have a Thyroid imbalance- Hypothyroid, which leads to unduly dry skin. I tried different lotions, but they were water based and didn’t nourish my skin on a deep level.  I used my original face cream as a body lotion and it worked great. I used that cream as my face and body cream for many years.  Then people asked that I share my cream with them, which was the birthing of the idea to share this and other products with friends, family and then patients and the general population, The rest, as someone said, is history, or her-story 🙂

For a new customer trying out your brand what would you suggest as their skin routine?  

That depends on a style. Some people like simple regimens, some people want a more complicated and thorough regimen. For those into simplicity and who still expect stellar results, I recommend: Cleanser, Toner, and Serum. Moisturizing cream (day, night or either) and an eye cream.  Once a month a clay masque. and that should do it, For those who want a deeper process: 2 different cleansers- an exfoliating or gel cleanser and a moisturizing cleanser, a toner,  two different serums for day and night, a day cream, night cream, eye cream. A clay masque a few times a week, a peel once a week, (and our new face lift product- not done yet- once a week) use a tinted sunscreen serum and a natural foundation (coming up soon)

What products will you soon be coming out with?

As a holistic practitioner (Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Herbalist) I’m always concerned with health on a deeper level. I enjoy working with people individually, creating customized formulas to address the root cause of their skin imbalances. My focus lately has been on healing formulas which, while more general than I’d have liked, still address troubling conditions like a Rosacea Cooling Cream, A Rosacea Serum- Stronger version of my existing one. A soothing Lavender & Chamomile Cream for sensitive skin, a simple yet powerful DIY Facelift, a Brightening cream for women with uneven skin and dark spots, and for fun I’m dabbling in tinted sunscreen facial oils, a foundation and a blush.

What has been the most challenging part of your journey creating this brand?

The unexpected parts of running an inventory based business. As a doctor, when I had a clinic, I had an inventory of supplements, tinctures, herbal formulas & some orthopedic supplies, but nothing that I had to make from scratch, which called for an inventory of production ingredients.  I use only the best and highest quality of ingredients available. Foraging (so to speak) for the right ingredients when your budget is limited, yet you’re not willing to compromise on quality, is challenging. Given a bigger budget, I bet it would be exhilarating. Then there’s packaging. While it’s fun to find the perfect container for a new product, the process of designing the label, making sure all ingredients are exact and the ‘how to use’ instructions clear enough, and then the packaging mishaps one would expect to creep up, is tedious.  Marketing is another quandary for me–how to reach people who would benefit from my products. Being noticed over the cacophony of competing narratives, some of which are true, some of which just effective marketing campaigns, is an ongoing conundrum. How to be heard and seen without resorting to slimy marketing tactics. How to stay positive in the face of green and pink washing. I find that for me personally packaging and marketing are tough, even though they have fun components, while formulating and manufacturing are completely joyful and inspiring to me.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

The formulation process, choice of ingredient combinations and the fact every formula is made from scratch. Let me elaborate. The formulation process is based on need. I hear of a need, I see a condition repeating itself, and if I don’t see the solutions among existing products in the market, I set myself off to make it.  I come up with the formula intuitively as well as scientifically. I don’t have a predetermined idea of what ingredients might be the ones to choose for a particular formula. Once I have the ingredients I believe will work well together, and find the right source for each one, I gather them and start putting the formula together. This is a long and organic process–finding the right combination of ingredients that will synergize into the effective product I want it to be. I run the formula by my friend and colleague, a medical intuitive, and we tweak it some more–adjust a source of an ingredient, an amount, the form of each ingredient (powder, liquid, extract etc), and then we start testing them, first on ourselves and then on our estheticians. (No animal testing…)  Unlike most companies, we don’t have a favorite combination of ingredients we use. We like variety and only choose the ingredients that fit the formula, nor do we have a base of ingredients which we use in each formula. That would help with the cost of ingredient inventory and make everything simpler, but we believe, is less effective. We create a whole new product and experience.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Read labels, trust your experience, look for change and don’t trust the hype. Use the least amount of foundation possible and remove it when you get home. Let your skin breathe.

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What We Do Matters

Earth Day has come and gone while the drought in California and global climate change dominate the news. Our lifestyle choices are more important than ever – raising crops from organic seeds, using clean fertilizers and conserving water.  My responsibility lies with making organic skincare products.

The skincare industry is still hiding behind labels showing flowers in bloom and slogans of ‘pure’ and ‘clean’ while they bury harmful ingredients under a pile of flimsy legalese. I am sensing that we, as consumers, are becoming more aware and educated regarding false advertising. I hope that trend continues and forces the corporate skincare industry to mend its ways.

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What’s Best? Serums or Moisturizers?

Feb15.2Which should you use?

Skincare Advice from Mira

I’d like to discuss a prevalent issue in skincare circles, that of moisturizing creams vs. facial oils and serums.

Like all issues nutritional, such as the best diet (animal products or vegetarian; vegan or Macrobiotic?), there are varying opinions about skincare, based on research, scientific or experiential data, opinion, or all of the above. No one size fits all, and while we all agree that sugar-laden soda drinks, fast food and no exercise are bad for your health, there are nutritional questions worth an in-depth discussion.

Similarly in skincare, some believe Toners are not essential while others feel they are the Holy Grail. Some swear by exfoliating procedures, while others believe less is more and maybe nothing at all is best.

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Start The Year Off With The Intention of Having Healthy Skin

by Mira Herman

With the new year upon us, many have made resolutions to improve their health, usually through exercise. I would like to point out that having healthy skin is equally important, though I do not wish to add to the list of what people feel they “should” do. So rather than talk about resolutions, let’s talk about intentions—more specifically, the intention to have healthy, balanced, glowing skin this year.

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Autumn Skin Care

Autumn has arrived and I’ve been enjoying the foliage, the scents, and especially lately the softer light. They’ve inspired my latest creations.

At Rosemira we are happy and proud to share our new website! Complete with luminous photos of our products among flowers from my generous and bountiful garden, the updated website is easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. Come take a look. I’ve finally launched our ingredients page, a vision I’ve had for some time; just a few ingredients listed so far, but with many more to follow. In the meantime, if you have any ingredients you’d like to discuss, send me an e-mail and I will respond.

Now for some skincare advice! As the weather changes and we prepare for the hectic holiday season, it’s important to take time to recommit to our skincare regimen. To help get you started, I’ve decided to share my favorite skin regimen for this time of year. It works on any type of skin and gives me the chance to choose the best products from all my lines and use them to complement each other.

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Holistic Skin Care…Elevated!

by Dana Claudat

roses 3There are many facts about your skin and its care and feeding that I have never heard before meeting Mira Herman, the chiropractor, acupuncturist and artist behind the intensely gorgeous hand-crafted skincare line Rosemira.  Mira has taught me more about skincare than I ever expected to know.  I am so excited to share a chat with Mira filled with eye-opening facts about skincare.  Even if your skin is generally good, as mine is, you have no idea how great it an be when you embrace the beauty that is far beyond skin deep!

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